Edo's clothing, food, and theater in one place.
A new landmark in Shinjuku.

One basement floor and four stories above ground. It is a five-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.
The building was opened with the goal of transmitting Japanese culture from Kabukicho. The entire building is designed in the motif of Edo (old Tokyo) and promises an experience as if you have stepped back in time.

The tenants in the building are all designed to allow visitors to experience the culture of Edo.
We will continue to transmit the goodness of Japanese culture and the sense of Edo in the present age of 2022.
With this in mind, we look forward to serving you.

The only public theater in Yamanote Line.

The Kabukicho Theater, a new generation popular theater with the theme of "Casual Enjoyment of Traditional Performing Arts," is open in the basement.
A dance show with gorgeous Japanese costumes.
We will introduce Japanese-style comprehensive entertainment "popular theater" from Kabukicho to the world.
The next generation of popular theater, showcased with the latest technology, will be performed daily, with a different performance each day.

Kimono and kimono rental store.

On the second floor, Kimono and kimono rental store "Kinumo" is OPEN.
You can rent a variety of costumes, including original costumes modeled after Hanamichi Tokyo Kabukicho.
oin lockers are also available, so please enjoy your stay without worrying about your luggage.

It is also available for unique tenants and private parties.

Coffee Seibu Honten, a retro coffee shop established in 1964, has relocated to the second floor and is now open.
On the third floor, under the theme of "If there had been a food court in the Edo period," there is an Edo style food court where customers can enjoy a meal while enjoying the atmosphere of the Edo period.
The fourth floor features a barbecue terrace, private rooms, and party space.
Various ways to enjoy your meal are available.

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