Clothing, Food, and Theater:
The Edo Period of Harmony is Here!

We will meet at a retro Showa-era coffee shop, change into kimonos, and watch a play,
For dinner, enjoy a variety of Japanese cuisine.
Packed with Japanese culture, Hanamichi Tokyo Kabukicho offers a Japanese experience.
Hanamichi Tokyo Kabukicho, a new landmark in Shinjuku

Japanese history and tradition in one building.


In the fall of 2023, Hanamichi Tokyo Kabukicho will be born with "Wa" as its motif.We will provide you with opportunities to experience various aspects of Japanese culture, including Japanese food, kimono, and theater.

We believe that by experiencing the history and traditions of Japan, we can learn about the charms of the modern world.

With this in mind, we will continue to be a special place as a new landmark in Shinjuku.







Edo style theatrical performances and dance shows in gorgeous Japanese costumes. It is the only public theater on the Yamanote Line that offers Japanese-style comprehensive entertainment, "popular theater," from Kabukicho to the world. With the theme of "Casual Enjoyment of Traditional Performing Arts," events other than popular theater are scheduled to be held one after another.

first floor


Hanamichi Cafe, located on the first floor of the building's entrance, offers snacks and drinks to eat while watching the play. It is also open at night as a BAR and can be used in various ways from daytime to nighttime. Plans are also in the works for a unique project unique to the building, such as a drink collaboration with a theater company.

second floor


Kinumo" is a Japanese-style rental costume shop with a modern Japanese theme developed by "Asahiya," a long-established kimono store in Yokohama, which has been in business for 100 years.Coffee Seibu Honten has a 59-year history as a famous pure coffee shop, and continues to pursue "old but new" with a modern atmosphere inspired by the Showa period.These two historic stores are scheduled to open.

third floor


The restaurant offers seven different business categories, including "Sushi," "Tempura," "Soba," and "Eel," which are considered the "Four Heavenly Kings" of Edo cuisine, plus "Kushiyaki," "Mizuchaya," and "Sake Bars." Diners can enjoy dining in a space with an Edo-style atmosphere under the theme of "Edo Period. We have newly developed authentic menus that rival those of specialty restaurants, as well as menus inspired by the seasonings and serving methods of the Edo period. The restaurant offers a variety of Edo Period taste sensations.

fourth floor


Hanamichi Hanamichi for food is a luxurious space different from the third floor, with a glittering interior inspired by the castle interior. Four private rooms are also available for a maximum of 20 people. In the outdoor BBQ area, guests can enjoy barbecue using domestic meat and ingredients. It is also available for private use as a wedding party or party space for about 100 people.

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